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Resident Onboarding

Onboarding of a new resident is quick, simple, and streamlined.  With our electronic patient intake form, adding a new resident into your senior care home is seamless and efficient.  It’s pretty simple, upon completion of your initial consultation with the prospective resident, email the link and leave the rest to the family or POA to complete.  Once submitted, a profile will be automatically generated for the new resident.  Say goodbye to long cumbersome and tedious tasks of manually having to fill-in Personal, Medical, Legal, Funeral, and Financial info from prospective residents.


  • Digital Signature
  • Electronic Submission
  • Electronically collect Medical, Legal, Funeral, and Financial info instantaneously
  • System generated patient profile creation
  • Accessible from Mobile (Android, IOS, Windows) and Web (IOS & Windows) devices


Our SmartCharting feature allows caregivers to quickly track ADLs, capture vitals, and the recording of Medicine Administration (MAR) accurately and real-time at bedside.  Patient data is captured immediately upon completion of the task by the caregiver on a tablet or mobile device and is stored and readily accessible for view or print when needed, eliminating paper and archaic filing systems. From MAR, ADLs, Food Intake, and key vitals such as Weight, Blood Pressure, and Heart Rate are just a few data points that are captured electronically and charted electronically.


  • Capture MAR & ADLs electronically on tablet or mobile device
  • Record key vitals electronically and analyze using graphs for trend analysis
  • View and Print anytime thus eliminating daily filing systems
  • Monitor the daily food intake of each patient during each meal

Calendar and Appointment Tracking

With many moving parts in providing the best care possible to our patient residents and managing events such as medical appointments, Home Healthcare visits, and other third party events that provide care to your patients and help you operate your business, our calendar functionalities provides you with the ease and convenience to expertly manage all events scheduled for your home and to help you coordinate and schedule these events with simplicity and with just a few clicks.


  • Electronically schedule appointments and events with ease and convenience on any web or mobile device
  • View daily appointments for each patient on main dashboard
  • Easy to learn, convenient to use for all staff members

Patient Portal and E-Billing

Our patient portal provides the convenience and peace of mind to family members and Patient POAs to access a private and secure portal where they can view weekly care notes from caregivers on their loved ones.  Additionally, provide billing invoices and schedule/receive monthly payments online through our secure payment portal, say goodbye to paper checks and save time and money by receiving payments electronically online!


  • Receive weekly caregiver notes for your loved ones
  • Convenient and secure portal allows to send and receive payments
  • Automatically invoice generation
  • Web and mobile friendly

Video Conferencing Solutions

Our video conferencing solutions allows residents and caregivers to connect with families, friends, and healthcare workers through face to face with a singe touch. We offer the highest video and audio quality, bringing people together feels just like they are in the same room.


We make life easy for you and the entire care team by providing MYLO Tablet PCs that enables your caregivers to conduct bedside charting for Vitals tracking, ADLs, MARs, Food Intake, and caregiver note taking that updates in the system instantly.  Collect patient information, view records, update billing information or fill and sign forms electronically, our tablets give you complete flexibility to manage all these functions and much more with ease.  In addition to tablets, our platform is compatible and optimized to be used across all media devices from Computers to Mobile devices such as tablets and phones, allowing you secure access to information anytime, anywhere.


  • Bedside charting & automatic sync
  • Access information remotely and securely
  • Compatible and accessible for all platforms, Web, Android, IOS devices (CPUs, Tablets, Phones)